Fall Out Boy Helps You Get Rid of That U2 Album

A message from homesickatsummercamp
Hey. Thank you for wanting to help!! Well I gave him the bracelet at Reading Festival in the UK I think it was before the tour started I can't remember. But the sofa was just against a wall not like the trl studio sofa etc if that helps

hmmm so it seems like after reading that year the 2-3 weeks after fob was in nyc and you said it wasn’t trl so maybe fuse? at the time the sauce was popular (rip i loved that show)

does this seem familar?

A message from homesickatsummercamp
Hey,Im trying to find a video its from late August-Sept 2007. Its an interview, Pete & Patrick on a sofa. Pete is playing with a bracelet hes wearing, all through the video (I gave him) I found the video on Youtube but it was years ago :( please help

so honda civic tour era? that’s a little hard to pinpoint since it might be an mtv/fuse interview which might be even harder to find :(

i’ll try to look this weekend but if anyone knows, you know the drill!!